President's Message
Posted on Mar 31st, 2020

Welcoming Letter- It is our honor and privilege to welcome Natalie Epstein, Jim Aube and Ralph Pisani as a members of The Board of Governors. We are thrilled that they have agreed to serve on the board and we look forward to working  with them. Their knowledge, expertise and vision will be an invaluable contribution in helping us to achieve future goals.
HOA President & HOA Vice President 

New Board Members:
Ralph Pisani- Ralph has been appointed to our board of governors as the new treasurer. His many years of professional expertise in accounting, finance and private sector businesses bring to our board a powerful dynamic that we will put to good use as we take on, major infrastructure projects renewals. 
Natalie Epstein- Natalie has been appointed to our board of governors as the new secretary . Her many years in the Arts & teaching with her Master Degree will be an asset to effective communications with our homeowners. In addition, Natalie will bring culture and beautification to Stoneybrook Estates to elevate our community to a higher standard. 

James Aube- Jim has been appointed to our board of governors as a director and brings a wide variety of expertise in many areas. As we move forward with infrastructure renewal of our community roads & irrigation systems, Jim will provide his years of experience to guide us through, planning, development, implementation and project completion. 

BOARD MEETING Pinnacle Management has moved offices to 3307 Clark Road.  This is where the Stoneybrook Estates Board meetings will now be held.  The next Board meeting was scheduled to be held April 22 but will be proposed until a later date.
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