President's Message
Posted on May 1st, 2020

Presidents Message……The board would like to thank a fresh group of volunteers who
unselfishly have donated their time and energies to helping our community. 
Patrick Harrison has graciously donated a Lake Rake and bottom scraper to the Lakes Committee after no doubt
watching me struggle to pull off the dead vegetation from the lakes with only a short garden
rake.  He has also agreed to join the Lakes Committee to help manage the difficult task of
bringing our lakes back.

In addition to Pat, one of our younger residents, Felipe Oliva, has taken the time to volunteer in
using drone technology to provide eyes in the sky with an overview vantage point to our
This vantage point is being used to map out our vegetation, irrigation systems and a roadwork
grid. Additionally, Felipe has taken his own initiative to park his vehicle across the street
in a vacant laneway, with the owner’s permission, to avoid parking in the street and on the
common area grass. Some adults could learn from this young man!
Giving back to your community starts at an early age and builds compassion and responsibility
and the Board of Governors is very pleased to see our younger residents help out in their own
community. Realizing they too can contribute and are very much a part of our harmonious
Thank you, Felipe!
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