President's Message
Posted on Nov 30th, 2018

President's Message:
At our November 27th meeting, we made minor adjustments to the proposed budget which
you received in the mail. The adjustments resulted in semi-annual assessments of $524.00
each for 2019. You should receive the December bill soon.

This month's message is a "Help Wanted" ad. To continue functioning, your Association
needs to fill these openings:
1. Two Board members, beginning in March. The Board is the governing body of the association,
and thus your opportunity to have a maximum impact on the entire community. The terms of
2 existing Board members will end in March. If you are interested, please contact any Board Member,
or our management company.

2. The vacancies on our Hearing Committee have been filled, thanks to Noel and Heather Monaghan.
We appreciate their willingness to help.
If you are among the new residents of Stoneybrook, this is your opportunity to become directly involved
in SECA affairs in order to protect the important asset you have now acquired. If you are interested in
any of these positions, please contact any Board member, or our management company.
Happy Holidays to all!
Bob McCullen
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